Robust and Accurate Object Velocity Detection by Stereo Camera for Autonomous Driving

Toru Saito, Toshimi Okubo, Naoki Takahashi

Although the number of camera-based sensors mounted on vehicles has recently increased dramatically, robust and accurate object velocity detection is difficult. Additionally, it is still common to use radar as a fusion system. We have developed a method to accurately detect the velocity of object using a camera, based on a large-scale dataset collected over 20 years by the automotive manufacturer, SUBARU. The proposed method consists of three methods: an High Dynamic Range (HDR) detection method that fuses multiple stereo disparity images, a fusion method that combines the results of monocular and stereo recognitions, and a new velocity calculation method. The evaluation was carried out using measurement devices and a test course that can quantitatively reproduce severe environment by mounting the developed stereo camera on an actual vehicle.

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