RAFT-3D: Scene Flow using Rigid-Motion Embeddings

Zachary Teed, Jia Deng

We address the problem of scene flow: given a pair of stereo or RGB-D video frames, estimate pixelwise 3D motion. We introduce RAFT-3D, a new deep architecture for scene flow. RAFT-3D is based on the RAFT model developed for optical flow but iteratively updates a dense field of pixelwise SE3 motion instead of 2D motion. A key innovation of RAFT-3D is rigid-motion embeddings, which represent a soft grouping of pixels into rigid objects. Integral to rigid-motion embeddings is Dense-SE3, a differentiable layer that enforces geometric consistency of the embeddings. Experiments show that RAFT-3D achieves state-of-the-art performance. On FlyingThings3D, under the two-view evaluation, we improved the best published accuracy (d < 0.05) from 30.33% to 83.71%. On KITTI, we achieve an error of 5.77, outperforming the best published method (6.31), despite using no object instance supervision.

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