One-Pixel Attack Deceives Automatic Detection of Breast Cancer

Joni Korpihalkola, Tuomo Sipola, Samir Puuska, Tero Kokkonen

In this article we demonstrate that a state-of-the-art machine learning model predicting whether a whole slide image contains mitosis can be fooled by changing just a single pixel in the input image. Computer vision and machine learning can be used to automate various tasks in cancer diagnostic and detection. If an attacker can manipulate the automated processing, the results can be devastating and in the worst case lead to wrong diagnostic and treatments. In this research one-pixel attack is demonstrated in a real-life scenario with a real tumor dataset. The results indicate that a minor one-pixel modification of a whole slide image under analysis can affect the diagnosis. The attack poses a threat from the cyber security perspective: the one-pixel method can be used as an attack vector by a motivated attacker.

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