Green Internet of Things for a Better World

Navod Neranjan Thilakarathne, Mohan Krishna Kagita, W. D Madhuka Priyashan

The Internet of Things (IoT) is seen as a novel technical paradigm aimed at enabling connectivity between billions of interconnected devices. This IoT is being used in various domains, such as smart healthcare, traffic surveillance, smart homes, smart cities, and various industries. The main functionality of IoT includes sensing out the surrounding environment and collect the data from the surrounding and transmit those data to the remote data centers or the cloud. This sharing of vast volumes of data between billions of IoT devices generates a large demand for energy and increases energy wastage in the form of heat. The idea of reducing the energy consumption of IoT devices and keeping the environment safe and clean is envisaged by the Green IoT. Inspired by achieving a sustainable IoT ecosystem and guiding us towards making a healthy green planet, we first offer an overview of Green IoT (GIoT), and then the challenges and the future directions with regards to the GIoT are presented in our study.

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