Iterative Detection and Decoding of Finite-Length Polar Codes in Gaussian Multiple Access Channels

Moustafa Ebada, Sebastian Cammerer, Ahmed Elkelesh, Marvin Geiselhart, Stephan ten Brink

We consider the usage of finite-length polar codes for the GMAC with a finite number of users. Based on the IDMA concept, we implement an iterative detection and decoding NOMA receiver that benefits from a low complexity, while scaling (almost) linearly with the amount of active users. We further show the conceptual simplicity of the BP-based decoder in a step-by-step illustration of its construction. Beyond its conceptual simplicity, this approach benefits from an improved performance when compared to some recent work tackling the same problem, namely the setup of finite-length FEC codes for finite-number of users. We consider the 5G polar code with a block length $N=512$ applied to both a two-user and a four-user GMAC scenario with a sum-rate of $R_{sum}=0.5$ and $R_{sum}=1$, respectively. Simulation results show that a BP-based SoIC receiver outperforms a JSC scheme. Finally, we investigate the effect of a concatenated repetition code which suggests that alternative polar code design rules are required in multi-user scenarios.

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