Combining Hybrid Input-Output Automaton and Game Theory for modelling Cyber-Physical Systems

Mustafa Abdallah, Shreyas Sundaram, Saurabh Bagchi

We consider a security setting in which the Cyber-Physical System (CPS) is composed of subnetworks where each subnetwork under ownership of one defender. Such CPS can be represented by an attack graph where the defenders are required to invest (subject to a budget constraint) on the graph's edges in order to protect their critical assets (where each defender's critical asset has a certain value to that defender if compromised). We model such CPS using Hybrid Input-Output Automaton (HIOA) where each subnetwork can represent a HIOA module. We first establish the building blocks needed in our setting. We then show the model that characterize the continuous time evolution of the investments and discrete transitions between different states (where each state represents different condition and/or perturbation) within the system. Finally, we provide a real-world CPS example to validate our modelling.

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