Seminar and Training Programs Recommender System for Faculty Members of Higher Education Institution

Albert V. Paytaren

This study aims to develop a personalized Recommender System that helps to address the problems encountered by the faculty members of Higher Education Institutions in the selection of Seminar and Training Programs (STP). The researcher used the Descriptive Developmental Method of research to gather information relevant to the current problems and challenges encountered and used these to develop software that addresses the identified challenges. For the development of the software, the researcher adopted a step-wise approach defined in the Incremental Developmental Model. The level of acceptance of the developed system was evaluated by 24 faculty respondents. The level of acceptance of the developed system was classified into functionality, reliability, and usability and the study garnered an evaluation score of 4.65, 4.67, and 4.67 respectively. The overall interpretation of the results of the evaluation is Highly Acceptable. The study created a system that provides seminars and training program recommendations. The developed recommender system was rated Highly Acceptable, respondents were very satisfied with the features of the system and agreed that it was functional, reliable, and usable.

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