Interpolatory-based data-driven pulsed fluidic actuator control design and experimental validation

Charles Poussot-Vassal, Pauline Kergus, Franck Kerhervé, Denis Sipp, Laurent Cordier

Pulsed fluidic actuators play a central role in the fluid flow experimental control strategy to achieve better performances of aeronautic devices. In this paper, we demonstrate, through an experimental test bench, how the interpolatory-based Loewner Data-Driven Control (L-DDC) framework is an appropriate tool for accurately controlling the outflow velocity of this family of actuators. The contributions of the paper are, first, to emphasize the simplicity and versatility of such a data-driven rationale in a constrained experimental setup, and second, to solve some practical fluid engineers concerns by detailing the complete workflow and key ingredients for successfully implementing a pulsed fluidic actuator controller from the data acquisition to the control implementation and validation stages.

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