Extreme 3D architected isotropic materials with tunable stiffness and buckling strength

Fengwen Wang, Ole Sigmund

This paper presents a class of 3D single-scale isotropic materials with tunable stiffness and buckling strength obtained via topology optimization and subsequent shape optimization. Compared to stiffness-optimal closed cell plate material, the material class reduces the Young's modulus to a range from 79% to 58%, and improves the uniaxial buckling strength to a range from 180% to 767%. Based on small deformation theory, material stiffness is evaluated using the homogenization method. Buckling strength under a given macroscopic stress state is estimated using linear buckling analysis with Block-Floquet boundary conditions to capture both short and long wavelength buckling modes. The 3D isotropic single-scale materials with tunable properties are designed using topology optimization, and are then further simplified using a subsequent shape optimization. Both topology and shape optimized results demonstrate that material buckling strength can be significantly enhanced by allowing curved plates and member thickening.

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