CORRIDRONE: Corridors for Drones, An Adaptive On-Demand Multi-Lane Design and Testbed

Lima Agnel Tony, Ashwini Ratnoo, Debasish Ghose

In this article, a novel drone skyway framework called CORRIDRONE is proposed. As the name suggests, this represents virtual air corridors for point-to-point safe passage of multiple drones. The corridors are not permanent but can be set up on demand. A few such scenarios could be those in warehouse/factory floors, package delivery, shore-to-ship delivery, border patrol, etc. Several factors play major roles in the planning and design of such aerial passages. The proposed framework includes many novel features which aid safe and efficient integration of UAVs into the airspace with already available technologies. A several kilometres long test bed is proposed to be set-up at the 1500 acres Challekere campus of Indian Institute of Science, in the state of Karnataka, to design and test the infrastructure required for CORRIDRONE.

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