Improving Solution Quality of Bounded Max-Sum Algorithm to Solve DCOPs involving Hard and Soft Constraints

Md. Musfiqur Rahman, Mashrur Rashik, Md. Mamun-or-Rashid, Md. Mosaddek Khan

Bounded Max-Sum (BMS) is a message-passing algorithm that provides approximation solution to a specific form of de-centralized coordination problems, namely Distributed Constrained Optimization Problems (DCOPs). In particular, BMS algorithm is able to solve problems of this type having large search space at the expense of low computational cost. Notably, the traditional DCOP formulation does not consider those constraints that must be satisfied(also known as hard constraints), rather it concentrates only on soft constraints. Hence, although the presence of both types of constraints are observed in a number of real-world applications, the BMS algorithm does not actively capitalize on the hard constraints. To address this issue, we tailor BMS in such a way that can deal with DCOPs having both type constraints. In so doing, our approach improves the solution quality of the algorithm. The empirical results exhibit a marked improvement in the quality of the solutions of large DCOPs.

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