Weak Greibach Normal Form for Hyperedge Replacement Grammars

Tikhon Pshenitsyn

It is known that hyperedge replacement grammars are similar to string context-free grammars in the sense of definitions and properties. Therefore, we expect that there is a generalization of the well-known Greibach normal form from string grammars to hypergraph grammars. Such generalized normal forms are presented in several papers; however, they do not cover a large class of hypergraph languages (e.g. languages consisting of star graphs). In this paper, we introduce a weak Greibach normal form, whose definition corresponds to the lexicalized normal form for string grammars, and prove that every context-free hypergraph language (with nonsubstantial exceptions) can be generated by a grammar in this normal form. The proof presented in this paper generalizes a corresponding one for string grammars with a few more technicalities.

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