Towards Repairing Neural Networks Correctly

Guoliang Dong, Jun Sun, Jingyi Wang, Xinyu Wang, Ting Dai

Neural networks are increasingly applied to support decision making in safety-critical applications (like autonomous cars, unmanned aerial vehicles and face recognition based authentication). While many impressive static verification techniques have been proposed to tackle the correctness problem of neural networks, it is possible that static verification may never be sufficiently scalable to handle real-world neural networks. In this work, we propose a runtime verification method to ensure the correctness of neural networks. Given a neural network and a desirable safety property, we adopt state-of-the-art static verification techniques to identify strategically locations to introduce additional gates which "correct" neural network behaviors at runtime. Experiment results show that our approach effectively generates neural networks which are guaranteed to satisfy the properties, whilst being consistent with the original neural network most of the time.

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