A Novel 3D Non-Stationary Multi-Frequency Multi-Link Wideband MIMO Channel Model

Li Zhang, Xinyue Chen, ZiHao Zhou, Cheng-Xiang Wang, Chun Pan, Yungui Wang

In this paper, a multi-frequency multi-link three-dimensional (3D) non-stationary wideband multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) channel model is proposed. The spatial consistency and multi-frequency correlation are considered in parameters initialization of every single-link and different frequencies, including large scale parameters (LSPs) and small scale parameters (SSPs). Moreover, SSPs are time-variant and updated when scatterers and the receiver (Rx) are moving. The temporal evolution of clusters is modeled by birth and death processes. The single-link channel model which has considered the inter-correlation can be easily extended to multi-link channel model. Statistical properties, including spatial cross-correlation function (CCF), power delay profile (PDP), and correlation matrix collinearity (CMC) are investigated and compared with the 3rd generation partner project (3GPP) TR 38.901 and quasi deterministic radio channel generator (QuaDRiGa) channel models. Besides, the CCF is validated against measurement data.

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