DecisiveNets: Training Deep Associative Memories to Solve Complex Machine Learning Problems

Vincent Gripon, Carlos Lassance, Ghouthi Boukli Hacene

Learning deep representations to solve complex machine learning tasks has become the prominent trend in the past few years. Indeed, Deep Neural Networks are now the golden standard in domains as various as computer vision, natural language processing or even playing combinatorial games. However, problematic limitations are hidden behind this surprising universal capability. Among other things, explainability of the decisions is a major concern, especially since deep neural networks are made up of a very large number of trainable parameters. Moreover, computational complexity can quickly become a problem, especially in contexts constrained by real time or limited resources. Therefore, understanding how information is stored and the impact this storage can have on the system remains a major and open issue. In this chapter, we introduce a method to transform deep neural network models into deep associative memories, with simpler, more explicable and less expensive operations. We show through experiments that these transformations can be done without penalty on predictive performance. The resulting deep associative memories are excellent candidates for artificial intelligence that is easier to theorize and manipulate.

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