Braille to Text Translation for Bengali Language: A Geometric Approach

Minhas Kamal, Dr. Amin Ahsan Ali, Dr. Muhammad Asif Hossain Khan, Dr. Mohammad Shoyaib

Braille is the only system to visually impaired people for reading and writing. However, general people cannot read Braille. So, teachers and relatives find it hard to assist them with learning. Almost every major language has software solutions for this translation purpose. However, in Bengali there is an absence of this useful tool. Here, we propose Braille to Text Translator, which takes image of these tactile alphabets, and translates them to plain text. Image deterioration, scan-time page rotation, and braille dot deformation are the principal issues in this scheme. All of these challenges are directly checked using special image processing and geometric structure analysis. The technique yields 97.25% accuracy in recognizing Braille characters.

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