Position Information from Single-Bounce Reflections

Anastasios Kakkavas, Mario H. Castañeda García, Gonzalo Seco-Granados, Henk Wymeersch, Richard A. Stirling-Gallacher, Josef A. Nossek

In the context of positioning a target with a single-anchor, this contribution focuses on the Fisher information about the position, orientation and clock offset of the target provided by single-bounce reflections. The availability of prior knowledge of the target's environment is taken into account via a prior distribution of the position of virtual anchors, and the rank, intensity and direction of provided information is studied. We show that when no prior knowledge is available, single-bounce reflections offer position information in the direction parallel to the reflecting surface, irrespective of the target's and anchor's locations. We provide a geometrically intuitive explanation of the results and present numerical examples demonstrating their potential implications.

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