Conservative semi-Lagrangian schemes for a general consistent BGK model for inert gas mixtures

Seung Yeon Cho, Sebastiano Boscarino, Maria Groppi, Giovanni Russo

In this work, we propose a class of high order semi-Lagrangian scheme for a general consistent BGK model for inert gas mixtures. The proposed scheme not only fulfills indifferentiability principle, but also asymptotic preserving property, which allows us to capture the behaviors of hydrodynamic limit models. We consider two hydrodynamic closure which can be derived from the BGK model at leading order: classical Euler equations for number densities, global velocity and temperature, and a multi-velocities and temperatures Euler system. Numerical simulations are performed to demonstrate indifferentiability principle and asymptotic preserving property of the proposed conservative semi-Lagrangian scheme to the Euler limits.

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