Model-plant mismatch learning offset-free model predictive control

Sang Hwan Son, Jong Woo Kim, Tae Hoon Oh, Jong Min Lee

We propose model-plant mismatch learning offset-free model predictive control (MPC), which learns and applies the intrinsic model-plant mismatch, to effectively exploit the advantages of model-based and data-driven control strategies and overcome the limitations of each approach. In this study, the model-plant mismatch map on steady-state manifold in the controlled variable space is approximated via a general regression neural network from the steady-state data for each setpoint. Though the learned model-plant mismatch map can provide the information at the equilibrium point (i.e., setpoint), it cannot provide model-plant mismatch information during the transient state. Moreover, the intrinsic model-plant mismatch can vary due to system characteristics changes during operation. Therefore, we additionally apply a supplementary disturbance variable which is updated from the disturbance estimator based on the nominal offset-free MPC scheme. Then, the combined disturbance signal is applied to the target problem and finite-horizon optimal control problem of offset-free MPC to improve the prediction accuracy and closed-loop performance of the controller. By this, we can exploit both the learned model-plant mismatch information and the stabilizing property of the nominal disturbance estimator approach. The closed-loop simulation results demonstrate that the developed scheme can properly learn the intrinsic model-plant mismatch and efficiently improve the model-plant mismatch compensating performance in offset-free MPC. Moreover, we examine the robust asymptotic stability of the developed offset-free MPC scheme, which is known to be difficult to analyze in nominal offset-free MPC, by exploiting the learned model-plant mismatch information.

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