Archiver System Management for Belle II Detector Operation

Y. -K. Kim, S. -J. Cho, S. -H. Park, M. Nakao, T. Konno

The Belle II experiment is a high-energy physics experiment at the SuperKEKB electron-positron collider. Using Belle II data, high precision measurement of rare decays and CP-violation in heavy quarks and leptons can be performed to probe New Physics. In this paper, we present the archiver system used to store the monitoring data of the Belle II detector and discuss in particular how we maintain the system that archives the monitoring process variables of the subdetectors. We currently save about 26 thousand variables including the temperature of various subdetectors components, status of water leak sensors, high voltage power supply status, data acquisition status, and luminosity information of the colliding beams. For stable data taking, it is essential to collect and archive these variables. We ensure the availability and consistency of all the variables from the subdetector and other systems, as well as the status of the archiver itself are consistent and regularly updated. To cope with a possible hardware failure, we prepared a backup archiver that is synchronized with the main archiver.

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