A Fast Numerical solution of the quark's Dyson-Schwinger equation with Ball-Chiu vertex

Jing-Hui Huang, Xue-Ying Duan, Xiang-Yun Hu, Huan Chen

In this paper, we present two feasible and efficient methods to numerically solve the quark's Dyson-Schwinger (qDSE), the qDSE is mathematical systems of nonlinear integral equations of the second kind with high degrees of freedom. It is difficult to analytically solve the qDSE due to its non-linearity and the singularity. Normally we discrete the singular integral equation by Gauss Legendre integral integration formula, then the approximate solutions of integral equation are obtained by iterative method. The main difficulty in the progress is the unknown function, which is the quark's propagator at vacuum and at finite chemical potential, occurs inside and outside the integral sign. Because of the singularity, the unknown function inside the integral sign need to be interpolate with high precision. Normally traditional numerical examples show the interpolation will cost a lot of CPU time. In this case, we provide two effective and efficient methods to optimize the numerical calculation, one is we put forward a modified interpolation method to replace the traditional method. Besides, the technique of OpenMP and automatic parallelization in GCC is another method which has widely used in modern scientific computation. Finally, we compare CPU time with different algorithm and our numerical results show the efficiency of the proposed methods.

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