Patterns, anticipation and participatory futures

Raymond Puzio, Paola Ricaurte, Charles Jeffrey Danoff, Charlotte Pierce, Analua Dutka-Chirichetti, Vitor Bruno, Hermano Cintra, Joseph Corneli

Patterns embody repeating phenomena, and, as such, they are partly but not fully detachable from their context. 'Design patterns' and 'pattern languages' are established methods for working with patterns. They have been applied in architecture, software engineering, and other design fields, but have so far seen little application in the field of future studies. We reimagine futures discourse and anticipatory practices using pattern methods. We focus specifically on processes for coordinating distributed projects, integrating multiple voices, and on play that builds capability to face what's yet to come. One of the advantages of the method as a whole is that it deals with local knowledge and does not subsume everything within one overall 'global' strategy, while nevertheless offering a way to communicate between contexts and disciplines.

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