MOCA: A Modular Object-Centric Approach for Interactive Instruction Following

Kunal Pratap Singh, Suvaansh Bhambri, Byeonghwi Kim, Roozbeh Mottaghi, Jonghyun Choi

Performing simple household tasks based on language directives is very natural to humans, yet it remains an open challenge for an AI agent. Recently, an `interactive instruction following' task has been proposed to foster research in reasoning over long instruction sequences that requires object interactions in a simulated environment. It involves solving open problems in vision, language and navigation literature at each step. To address this multifaceted problem, we propose a modular architecture that decouples the task into visual perception and action policy, and name it as MOCA, a Modular Object-Centric Approach. We evaluate our method on the ALFRED benchmark and empirically validate that it outperforms prior arts by significant margins in all metrics with good generalization performance (high success rate in unseen environments). Our code is available at

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