COVIDScholar: An automated COVID-19 research aggregation and analysis platform

Amalie Trewartha, John Dagdelen, Haoyan Huo, Kevin Cruse, Zheren Wang, Tanjin He, Akshay Subramanian, Yuxing Fei, Benjamin Justus, Kristin Persson, Gerbrand Ceder

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching effects throughout society, and science is no exception. The scale, speed, and breadth of the scientific community's COVID-19 response has lead to the emergence of new research literature on a remarkable scale -- as of October 2020, over 81,000 COVID-19 related scientific papers have been released, at a rate of over 250 per day. This has created a challenge to traditional methods of engagement with the research literature; the volume of new research is far beyond the ability of any human to read, and the urgency of response has lead to an increasingly prominent role for pre-print servers and a diffusion of relevant research across sources. These factors have created a need for new tools to change the way scientific literature is disseminated. COVIDScholar is a knowledge portal designed with the unique needs of the COVID-19 research community in mind, utilizing NLP to aid researchers in synthesizing the information spread across thousands of emergent research articles, patents, and clinical trials into actionable insights and new knowledge. The search interface for this corpus,, now serves over 2000 unique users weekly. We present also an analysis of trends in COVID-19 research over the course of 2020.

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