Art Style Classification with Self-Trained Ensemble of AutoEncoding Transformations

Akshay Joshi, Ankit Agrawal, Sushmita Nair

The artistic style of a painting is a rich descriptor that reveals both visual and deep intrinsic knowledge about how an artist uniquely portrays and expresses their creative vision. Accurate categorization of paintings across different artistic movements and styles is critical for large-scale indexing of art databases. However, the automatic extraction and recognition of these highly dense artistic features has received little to no attention in the field of computer vision research. In this paper, we investigate the use of deep self-supervised learning methods to solve the problem of recognizing complex artistic styles with high intra-class and low inter-class variation. Further, we outperform existing approaches by almost 20% on a highly class imbalanced WikiArt dataset with 27 art categories. To achieve this, we train the EnAET semi-supervised learning model (Wang et al., 2019) with limited annotated data samples and supplement it with self-supervised representations learned from an ensemble of spatial and non-spatial transformations.

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