Linear Reduced Order Model Predictive Control

Joseph Lorenzetti, Andrew McClellan, Charbel Farhat, Marco Pavone

Model predictive controllers leverage system dynamics models to solve constrained optimal control problems. However, computational requirements for real-time control have limited their use to systems with low-dimensional models. Nevertheless many systems naturally produce high-dimensional models, such as those modeled by partial differential equations that when discretized can result in models with thousands to millions of dimensions. In such cases the use of reduced order models (ROMs) can significantly reduce computational requirements, but model approximation error must be considered to guarantee controller performance. In this work a reduced order model predictive control (ROMPC) scheme is proposed to solve robust, output feedback, constrained optimal control problems for high-dimensional linear systems. Computational efficiency is obtained by leveraging ROMs obtained via projection-based techniques, and guarantees on robust constraint satisfaction and stability are provided. Performance of the approach is demonstrated in simulation for several examples, including an aircraft control problem leveraging an inviscid computational fluid dynamics model with dimension 998,930.

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