Finite element modelling of in-stent restenosis

Kiran Manjunatha, Marek Behr, Felix Vogt, Stefanie Reese

From the perspective of coronary heart disease, the development of stents has come significantly far in reducing the associated mortality rate, drug-eluting stents being the epitome of innovative and effective solutions. Within this work, the intricate process of in-stent restenosis is modelled considering one of the significant growth factors and its effect on constituents of the arterial wall. A multiphysical modelling approach is adopted in this regard. Experimental investigations from the literature have been used to hypothesize the governing equations and the corresponding parameters. A staggered solution strategy is utilised to capture the transport phenomena as well as the growth and remodeling that follows stent implantation. The model herein developed serves as a tool to predict in-stent restenosis depending on the endothelial injury sustained and the protuberance of stents into the lumen of the arteries. Keywords: in-stent restenosis, smooth mucsle cells, platelet-derived growth factor, extracellular matrix, growth

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