The NEOLIX Open Dataset for Autonomous Driving

Lichao Wang, Lanxin Lei, Hongli Song, Weibao Wang

With the gradual maturity of 5G technology,autonomous driving technology has attracted moreand more attention among the research commu-nity. Autonomous driving vehicles rely on the co-operation of artificial intelligence, visual comput-ing, radar, monitoring equipment and GPS, whichenables computers to operate motor vehicles auto-matically and safely without human interference.However, the large-scale dataset for training andsystem evaluation is still a hot potato in the devel-opment of robust perception models. In this paper,we present the NEOLIX dataset and its applica-tions in the autonomous driving area. Our datasetincludes about 30,000 frames with point cloud la-bels, and more than 600k 3D bounding boxes withannotations. The data collection covers multipleregions, and various driving conditions, includingday, night, dawn, dusk and sunny day. In orderto label this complete dataset, we developed vari-ous tools and algorithms specified for each task tospeed up the labelling process. It is expected thatour dataset and related algorithms can support andmotivate researchers for the further developmentof autonomous driving in the field of computer vi-sion.

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