Easy-GT: Open-Source Software to Facilitate Making the Ground Truth for White Blood Cells Nucleus

Seyedeh-Zahra Mousavi Kouzehkanan, Islam Tavakoli, Arezoo Alipanah

The nucleus of white blood cells (WBCs) plays a significant role in their detection and classification. Appropriate feature extraction of the nucleus is necessary to fit a suitable artificial intelligence model to classify WBCs. Therefore, designing a method is needed to segment the nucleus accurately. The detected nuclei should be compared with the ground truths identified by a hematologist to obtain a proper performance evaluation of the nucleus segmentation method. It is a time-consuming and tedious task for experts to establish the ground truth manually. This paper presents an intelligent open-source software called Easy-GT to create the ground truth of WBCs nucleus faster and easier. This software first detects the nucleus by employing a new otsus thresholding based method with a dice similarity coefficient (DSC) of 95.42 %; the hematologist can then create a more accurate ground truth, using the designed buttons to modify the threshold value. This software can speed up ground truths forming process more than six times.

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