Efficiency of Query Evaluation Under Guarded TGDs: The Unbounded Arity Case

Cristina Feier

The paper analyzes the parameterized complexity of evaluating Ontology Mediated Queries (OMQs) based on Guarded TGDs (GTGDs) and Unions of Conjunctive Queries (UCQs), in the setting where relational symbols might have unbounded arity and where the parameter is the size of the OMQ. It establishes exact criteria for fixed-parameter tractability (fpt) evaluation of recursively enumerable classes of such OMQs (under the widely held Exponential Time Hypothesis). One of the main technical tools introduced in the paper is an fpt-reduction from deciding parameterized uniform CSPs to parameterized OMQ evaluation. A fundamental feature of the reduction is preservation of measures which are known to be essential for classifying classes of parameterized uniform CSPs: submodular width (according to the well known result of Marx for unbounded-arity schemas) and treewidth (according to the well known result of Grohe for bounded-arity schemas). As such, the reduction can be employed to obtain hardness results for evaluation of classes of parameterized OMQs both in the unbounded and in the bounded arity case. Previously, in the case of bounded arity schemas, this has been tackled using a technique requiring full introspection into the construction employed by Grohe.

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