Output Series-Parallel Connection of Passivity-Based Controlled DC-DC Converters: Generalization of Asymptotic Stability

Yuma Murakawa, Takashi Hikihara

The series-paralleling technique of dc-dc converters is utilized in various domains of electrical engineering for improved power conversion. Previous studies have proposed and classified the control schemes for the series-paralleled converters. However, they have several restrictions and lack diversity. The purpose of this paper is to propose passivity-based control (PBC) for the diverse output series-parallel connection of dc-dc converters. It is proved that the output series-paralleled converters regulated by PBC are asymptotically stable. The output series-paralleled converters are numerically simulated to confirm the asymptotic stability. PBC is shown to maintain the stability of the output series-paralleled converters with diverse circuit topologies, parameters, and steady-states. The result of this paper theoretically supports the numerical and experimental considerations in the previous studies and justifies the further extension of the series-parallel connection.

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