Learning-based Optoelectronically Innervated Tactile Finger for Rigid-Soft Interactive Grasping

Linhan Yang, Xudong Han, Weijie Guo, Fang Wan, Jia Pan, Chaoyang Song

This paper presents a novel design of a soft tactile finger with omni-directional adaptation using multi-channel optical fibers for rigid-soft interactive grasping. Machine learning methods are used to train a model for real-time prediction of force, torque, and contact using the tactile data collected. We further integrated such fingers in a reconfigurable gripper design with three fingers so that the finger arrangement can be actively adjusted in real-time based on the tactile data collected during grasping, achieving the process of rigid-soft interactive grasping. Detailed sensor calibration and experimental results are also included to further validate the proposed design for enhanced grasping robustness.

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