Automated decontamination of workspaces using UVC coupled with occupancy detection

Asit Kumar Mishra, Federico Tartarini, Zuraimi Sultan, Stefano Schiavon

Periodic disinfection of workspaces can reduce SARS-CoV-2 transmission. In many buildings periodic disinfection is performed manually; this has several disadvantages: it is expensive, limited in the number of times it can be done over a day, and poses an increased risk to the workers performing the task. To solve these problems, we developed an automated decontamination system that uses ultraviolet C (UVC) radiation for disinfection, coupled with occupancy detection for its safe operation. UVC irradiation is a well-established technology for the deactivation of a wide range of pathogens. Our proposed system can deactivate pathogens both on surfaces and in the air. The coupling with occupancy detection ensures that occupants are never directly exposed to UVC lights and their potential harmful effects. To help the wider community, we have shared our complete work as an open-source repository, to be used under GPL v3.

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