Text-to-hashtag Generation using Seq2seq Learning

Augusto Camargo, Wesley Carvalho, Felipe Peressim

In this paper, we studied if models based on BiLSTM and BERT can generate hashtags in Brazilian portuguese that can be used in Ecommerce websites. We processed a corpus of Ecommerce reviews and titles of products as inputs and we generated hashtags as outputs. We evaluate the results using four quantitatives metrics: NIST, BLEU, METEOR and a crowdsourced score. Word Cloud was used as a qualitative metric. Besides all computer metered metrics (NIST, BLEU and METEOR) showed bad results, the crowdsourced showed amazing scores. We concluded that the texts generated by the neural networks are very promising to be used as hashtags of products in Ecommerce websites [1]. The code for this work is available on https://github.com/augustocamargo/text-to-hashtag

Knowledge Graph



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