Admix: Enhancing the Transferability of Adversarial Attacks

Xiaosen Wang, Xuanran He, Jingdong Wang, Kun He

Although adversarial attacks have achieved incredible attack success rates under the white-box setting, most existing adversaries often exhibit weak transferability under the black-box setting. To address this issue, various input transformations have been proposed to enhance the attack transferability. In this work, We observe that all the existing transformations are applied on a single image, which might limit the transferability of the crafted adversaries. Hence, we propose a new input transformation based attack called Admix Attack Method (AAM) that considers both the original image and an image randomly picked from other categories. Instead of directly calculating the gradient on the original input, AAM calculates the gradient on the admixed image interpolated by the two images in order to craft adversaries with higher transferablility. Empirical evaluations on the standard ImageNet dataset demonstrate that AAM could achieve much higher transferability than the existing input transformation methods. By incorporating with other input transformations, our method could further improve the transferability and outperform the state-of-the-art combination of input transformations by a clear margin of 3.4% on average when attacking nine advanced defense models.

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