SkinScan: Low-Cost 3D-Scanning for Dermatologic Diagnosis and Documentation

Merlin A. Nau, Florian Schiffers, Yunhao Li, Bingjie Xu, Andreas Maier, Jack Tumblin, Marc Walton, Aggelos K. Katsaggelos, Florian Willomitzer, Oliver Cossairt

The utilization of computational photography becomes increasingly essential in the medical field. Today, imaging techniques for dermatology range from two-dimensional (2D) color imagery with a mobile device to professional clinical imaging systems measuring additional detailed three-dimensional (3D) data. The latter are commonly expensive and not accessible to a broad audience. In this work, we propose a novel system and software framework that relies only on low-cost (and even mobile) commodity devices present in every household to measure detailed 3D information of the human skin with a 3D-gradient-illumination-based method. We believe that our system has great potential for early-stage diagnosis and monitoring of skin diseases, especially in vastly populated or underdeveloped areas.

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