Human-Robot Interaction: Applications

Abdel-Nasser Sharkawy

Recently, human-robot interaction (HRI) is an extensive research topic and theme which gained importance and significance. HRI aims at the complementary combination between the robot capabilities and human skills. The robots assist humans in terms of precision, speed, and force. The humans contribute in terms of the experience, knowledge of executing the task, intuition, and easy adaptation and learning, and understanding of control strategies. In this work, the applications of human-robot interaction are reviewed. These applications could be industrial, medical, agricultural, servical, and educational. HRI can be found in industrial applications in picking and placing in the production lines, welding processes, parts assembly, and painting. Assistive robotics are one from the highest profile areas in HRI. For people with the physical and the mental challenges, the robots can provide the opportunity of interaction and therapy. In addition, HRI can be widely applied in hospitals. Nowadays, HRI is very important for facing the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In agriculture, the cooperation between human and the robot helps with many tasks including harvesting, seeding, fertilizing, spraying, weed detection, hauling, and mowing. HRI can also be found in other applications such as education, mining, and home use.

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