Near-field Image Transmission and EVM Measurements in Rich Scattering Environment

Mir Lodro, Gabriele Gradoni, Christopher Smartt, Ana Vukovic, David Thomas, Steve Greedy

In this work, we present near-field image transmission and error vector magnitude measurement in a rich scattering environment in a metal enclosure. We check the effect of loading metal enclosure on the performance of SDR based near-field communication link. We focus on the key communication receiver parameters to observe the effect of near-field link in presence of rich-scattering and in presence of loading with RF absorber cones. The near-field performance is measured by transmitting wideband OFDM-modulated packets containing image information. Our finding suggests that the performance of OFDM based wideband near-field communication improves when the metal enclosure is loaded with RF absorbers. Near-field EVM improves when the enclosure is loaded with RF absorber cones. Loading of the metal enclosure has the effect of increased coherence bandwidth. Frequency selectivity was observed in an empty enclosure which suggests coherence bandwidth less than the signal bandwidth.

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