"Is My Mic On?" Preparing SE Students for Collaborative Remote Work and Hybrid Team Communication

Makayla Moster, Denae Ford, Paige Rodeghero

Communication is essential for the success of student and professional software engineering (SE) team development projects. The projects delivered by SE courses provide valuable learning experiences for students because they teach industry-required skills such as teamwork, communication, and scheduling. Professional SE teams have adopted communication software such as Slack, Miro, Microsoft Teams, and GitHub Discussions to share files and convey information between team members. Likewise, they have distributed software development tools such as Visual Studio CodeSpaces and Jira to support productivity. In contrast, within academia, students have focused on having face-to-face meetings for team communication and communication tools for file sharing. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, universities have been forced to switch to an online or hybrid modality abruptly, thus compelling SE students to quickly adopt communication software. This paper proposes a study on the use of communication software in industry to prepare students for remote software development positions after graduation.

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