The Harrington Yowlumne Narrative Corpus

Nathan M. White, Timothy Henry-Rodriguez

Minority languages continue to lack adequate resources for their development, especially in the technological domain. Likewise, the J.P. Harrington Papers collection at the Smithsonian Institution are difficult to access in practical terms for community members and researchers due to its handwritten and disorganized format. Our current work seeks to make a portion of this publicly-available yet problematic material practically accessible for natural language processing use. Here, we present the Harrington Yowlumne Narrative Corpus, a corpus of 20 narrative texts that derive from the Tejone\~no Yowlumne community of the Tinliw rancheria in Kern County, California between 1910 and 1925. We digitally transcribe the texts and provide gold-standard aligned lexeme-based normalized text with these texts. Altogether, the text contains 67,835 transcribed characters aligned with 10,721 gold standard text-normalized words.

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