A splitting scheme for the coupled Saint-Venant-Exner model

Annunziato Siviglia, Davide Vanzo, Eleuterio F. Toro

We present a splitting method for the one-dimensional Saint-Venant-Exner equations used for describing the bed evolution in shallow water systems. We adapt the flux vector splitting approach of Toro and Vazquez-Cend\`on and identify one subsystem of conservative equations (advection system) and one of non-conservative equations (pressure system), both having a very simple eigenstructure compared to the full system. The final numerical scheme is constructed using a Godunov-type path-conservative scheme for the pressure system and a simple conservative Godunov method for the advection system and solved following a coupled solution strategy. The resulting first-order accurate method is extended to second order of accuracy in space and time via the ADER approach together with an AENO reconstruction technique. Accuracy, robustness and well-balanced properties of the resulting scheme are assessed through a carefully selected suite of testcases. The scheme is exceedingly simple, accurate and robust as the sophisticated Godunov methods. A distinctive feature of the novel scheme is its flexibility in the choice of the sediment transport closure formula, which makes it particularly attractive for scientific and engineering applications.

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