Android Controlled Mobile Robot Design with IP Camera

Emre Demir, Ahmet Gokcen, Yakup Kutlu

In this study Arduino card based mobile robot design was realized. This robot can serve as a security robot, an auxiliary robot or a control robot. The designed robot has two operation modes. The first operating mode is autonomous mode. In this mode, the robot detects the surroundings with the help of ultrasonic sensors placed around it, and keeps track of the places it passes by using the encoder. It is able to navigate without hitting any place and passing from where it passes, and it transmits the patient's pulse and temperature condition to the user by other systems installed on it. Also the IP camera sends the scene on the screen. The emergency button to be placed next to the patient sends information to the user in emergency situations. If the abnormality is detected in the temperature and pulse again, the user gives a message. When the pre-recorded drug use times come, the system can alert the patient. The second mode is manual mode. In this mode, the user can move the desired direction of the robot with the Android operating system. In addition, all data received in autonomous mode can be sent to the user. Thus, the user can control the mobile robot with the camera image even if it is not in the vicinity of the robot.

Knowledge Graph



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