Mobile-end Tone Mapping based on Integral Image and Integral Histogram

Jie Yang, Mengchen Lin, Ziyi Liu, Ulian Shahnovich, Orly Yadid-Pecht

Wide dynamic range (WDR) image tone mapping is in high demand in many applications like film production, security monitoring, and photography. It is especially crucial for mobile devices because most of the images taken today are from mobile phones, hence such technology is highly demanded in the consumer market of mobile devices and is essential for a good customer experience. However, high-quality and high-performance WDR image tone mapping implementations are rarely found in the mobile-end. In this paper, we introduce a high performance, mobile-end WDR image tone mapping implementation. It leverages the tone mapping results of multiple receptive fields and calculates a suitable value for each pixel. The utilization of integral image and integral histogram significantly reduce the required computation. Moreover, GPU parallel computation is used to increase the processing speed. The experimental results indicate that our implementation can process a high-resolution WDR image within a second on mobile devices and produce appealing image quality.

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