DocuBot : Generating financial reports using natural language interactions

Vineeth Ravi, Selim Amrouni, Andrea Stefanucci, Armineh Nourbakhsh, Prashant Reddy, Manuela Veloso

The financial services industry perpetually processes an overwhelming amount of complex data. Digital reports are often created based on tedious manual analysis as well as visualization of the underlying trends and characteristics of data. Often, the accruing costs of human computation errors in creating these reports are very high. We present DocuBot, a novel AI-powered virtual assistant for creating and modifying content in digital documents by modeling natural language interactions as "skills" and using them to transform underlying data. DocuBot has the ability to agglomerate saved skills for reuse, enabling humans to automatically generate recurrent reports. DocuBot also has the capability to continuously learn domain-specific and user-specific vocabulary by interacting with the user. We present evidence that DocuBot adds value to the financial industry and demonstrate its impact with experiments involving real and simulated users tasked with creating PowerPoint presentations.

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