Reinforcement Learning for Decision-Making and Control in Power Systems: Tutorial, Review, and Vision

Xin Chen, Guannan Qu, Yujie Tang, Steven Low, Na Li

With large-scale integration of renewable generation and ubiquitous distributed energy resources (DERs), modern power systems confront a series of new challenges in operation and control, such as growing complexity, increasing uncertainty, and aggravating volatility. While the upside is that more and more data are available owing to the widely-deployed smart meters, smart sensors, and upgraded communication networks. As a result, data-driven control techniques, especially reinforcement learning (RL), have attracted surging attention in recent years. In this paper, we focus on RL and aim to provide a tutorial on various RL techniques and how they can be applied to the decision-making and control in power systems. In particular, we select three key applications, including frequency regulation, voltage control, and energy management, for illustration, and present the typical ways to model and tackle them with RL methods. We conclude by emphasizing two critical issues in the application of RL, i.e., safety and scalability. Several potential future directions are discussed as well.

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