Novel one-shot inner bounds for unassisted fully quantum channels via rate splitting

Sayantan Chakraborty, Aditya Nema, Pranab Sen

We prove the first non-trivial one-shot inner bounds for sending quantum information over an entanglement unassisted two-sender quantum multiple access channel (QMAC) and an unassisted two-sender two-receiver quantum interference channel (QIC). Previous works only studied the unassisted QMAC in the limit of many independent and identical uses of the channel also known as the asymptotic iid limit, and did not study the unassisted QIC at all. We employ two techniques, rate splitting and successive cancellation}, in order to obtain our inner bound. Rate splitting was earlier used to obtain inner bounds, avoiding time sharing, for classical channels in the asymptotic iid setting. Our main technical contribution is to extend rate splitting from the classical asymptotic iid setting to the quantum one-shot setting. In the asymptotic iid limit our one-shot inner bound for QMAC approaches the rate region of Yard, Devetak and Hayden. For the QIC we get novel non-trivial rate regions in the asymptotic iid setting. All our results also extend to the case where limited entanglement assistance is provided, in both one-shot and asymptotic iid settings. The limited entanglement results for one-setting for both QMAC and QIC are new. For the QIC the limited entanglement results are new even in the asymptotic iid setting.

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