QuizCram: A Quiz-Driven Lecture Viewing Interface

Geza Kovacs, Darren Edge

QuizCram is an interface for navigating lecture videos that uses quizzes to help users determine what they should view. We developed it in response to observing peaks in video seeking behaviors centered around Coursera's in-video quizzes. QuizCram shows users a question to answer, with an associated video segment. Users can use these questions to navigate through video segments, and find video segments they need to review. We also allow users to review using a timeline of previously answered questions and videos. To encourage users to review the material, QuizCram keeps track of their question-answering and video-watching history and schedules sections they likely have not mastered for review. QuizCram-format materials can be generated from existing lectures with in-video quizzes. Our user study comparing QuizCram to in-video quizzes found that users practice answering and reviewing questions more when using QuizCram, and are better able to remember answers to questions they encountered.

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