Accurate Prediction Of Machining Feedrate And Cycle Time Prediction Considering Interpolator Dynamics

Rob Ward, Burak Sencer, Bryn Jones, Erdem Ozturk

This paper presents an accurate machining feedrate prediction technique by modeling the trajectory generation behaviour of modern CNC machine tools. Typically, CAM systems simulate machines motion based on the commanded feedrate and the path geometry. Such approach does not consider the feed planning and interpolation strategy of the machines numerical control (NC) system. In this study, trajectory generation behaviour of the NC system is modelled and accurate cycle time prediction for complex machining toolpaths is realized. NC systems linear interpolation dynamics and commanded axis kinematic profiles are predicted by using Finite Impulse Response (FIR) based low-pass filters. The corner blending behaviour during nonstop interpolation of linear segments is modeled, and for the first time, the minimum cornering feedrate, that satisfies both the tolerance and machining constraints, has been calculated analytically for 3 axis toolpaths of any geometry. The proposed method is applied to 4 different case studies including complex machining tool-paths. Experimental validations show actual cycle times can be estimated with greater than 90 percent accuracy, greatly outperforming CAM-based predictions. It is expected that the proposed approach will help improve the accuracy of virtual machining models and support businesses decision making when costing machining processes.

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