Active Disturbance Rejection Control Design with Suppression of Sensor Noise Effects in Application to DC-DC Buck Power Converter

Krzysztof Łakomy, Rafal Madonski, Bin Dai, Jun Yang, Piotr Kicki, Maral Ansari, Shihua Li

The performance of active disturbance rejection control (ADRC) algorithms can be limited in practice by high-frequency measurement noise. In this work, this problem is addressed by transforming the high-gain extended state observer (ESO), which is the inherent element of ADRC, into a new cascade observer structure. Set of experiments, performed on a DC-DC buck power converter system, show that the new cascade ESO design, compared to the conventional approach, effectively suppresses the detrimental effect of sensor noise over-amplification while increasing the estimation/control performance. The proposed design is also analyzed with a low-pass filter at the converter output, which is a common technique for reducing measurement noise in industrial applications.

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