Circuit Complexity From Supersymmetric Quantum Field Theory With Morse Function

Sayantan Choudhury, Sachin Panneer Selvam, K. Shirish

Computation of circuit complexity has gained much attention in the Theoretical Physics community in recent times to gain insights about the chaotic features and random fluctuations of fields in the quantum regime. Recent studies of circuit complexity take inspiration from the geometric approach of Nielsen, which itself is based on the idea of optimal quantum control in which a cost function is introduced for the various possible path to determine the optimum circuit. In this paper, we study the relationship between the circuit complexity and Morse theory within the framework of algebraic topology using which we study circuit complexity in supersymmetric quantum field theory describing both simple and inverted harmonic oscillators up to higher orders of quantum corrections. The expression of circuit complexity in quantum regime would then be given by the Hessian of the Morse function in supersymmetric quantum field theory, and try to draw conclusion from their graphical behaviour. We also provide a technical proof of the well known universal connecting relation between quantum chaos and circuit complexity of the supersymmetric quantum field theories, using the general description of Morse theory.

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